Taiwan’s Giants Scout Deep-Tech

Join us to learn about Taiwanese tech giants that are scouting innovative solutions in Israel!

Sep. 13th


09:00 IST


Join Our Hybrid Event To Learn About Taiwanese Tech Giants That Are Scouting Innovative Solutions In Israel




Networking & light refreshments


How to Succeed in Taiwan

Essentials for working with Taiwan’s leading Hardware Corporates

Arnon Kraft, Strategic Advisor and Tech Scout, Chicony ; COO, Payoneer

Developing and running successful partnerships with Taiwanese corporates: Panel discussion with Israeli startups

Dov Moran, Managing Partner, Grove Ventures
Micha Risling, CBO, Unifabrix

The Global Leader in Semiconductor Innovation and Foundry Services (online)

Kees Joosse, BD Director EMEA, TSMC





Taiwanese Companies Pitch (Hybrid)

Introduction to innovation collaboration opportunities by top Taiwanese tech companies (online):

Pegatron - Dr. Steve Huang, Special Assistant of Chairman & Senior VP

Wistron - Christopher Lee, BD Director

Chicony - KY Huang, VP

LITEON - Bruce Bateman, Innovation and Startup Platform

Winbond (Onsite) - Jonathan Levy, BD

Advantech - Tony Liu, Investment Representative



Light refreshments


B2B Session (Hybrid)

1-on-1 pre-arranged meetings between Taiwanese companies and Israeli startups


Corporate Partners

Ecosystem Partner


Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan

Taiwan Trade & Innovation Center, Tel Aviv is TAITRA’s unique branch office, operating as an innovation hub. The center’s mission is to create valuable business channels and promote innovation and technology partnerships between Taiwanese and Israeli companies.

TAITRA is Taiwan’s foremost nonprofit trade promoting organization, founded in 1970. Sponsored by the government and industry organizations, TAITRA assists enterprises to expand their global reach. Headquartered in Taipei, TAITRA has a team of 1,300 specialists and operates 60 branches worldwide.



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Arnon Kraft

Strategic Advisor and Technology Scout for Chicony; COO, Payoneer

Arnon Kraft is a business and operations executive with 20 years of General Manager and Vice President level experience at Fortune 500 companies (Microsoft, SanDisk) and startups. Arnon is currently the COO for Payoneer, a leading fintech company traded in NASDAQ. In addition, since moving back to Israel in 2018 Arnon represents Chicony, a leading ODM/OEM from Taiwan, as their Strategic Advisor and Technology Scout in Israel. Arnon also brings his extensive experience and serves as an active advisory board member for start-up companies where he helps CEO’s / COO’s to scale up their growing companies.
Prior to moving to Israel Arnon was with Microsoft in Redmond, WA where in his last position he was the General Manager for Strategic Partnerships & Sourcing for Microsoft’s Devices division, managing a business scope of multi-billion USDs and building strategic partnerships with C-level executives at top companies and an extensive network in Asia. He was also an executive member of the product launch teams for Xbox, Surface, HoloLens and Lumia Phones.
Before his tenure at Microsoft, Arnon held several executive-level positions spanning from Sales & Marketing, Business Development to Technology and Operations in various consumer companies such as SanDisk, Modu Mobile, and M-Systems.
Arnon holds an MBA from Tel-Aviv University and a BSc in Industrial Engineering from The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. In 2015 Arnon was invited to give a TEDx talk in California in the field of career management.

Bruce Bateman​

Innovation and Startup Platform, Office of the Chairman

At LITEON Bruce is responsible for Innovation and Startup Platform reporting to the chairman. In this role, he looks at where technology trends are going in the coming years, specifically focusing on the components of technological obstacles and how best to move forward with them. Previously LITEON roles include CTO and Technology Advisor. Prior to LITEON Bruce was involved in 9 successful startups and 7 angels funded but failed to launch. Additionally, mentor at 5 accelerators and mentor to 12 companies including 2 in Israel

Bruce has been in the technology field for over 41 years and has seen the growth from Mainframe computing to today, working Dell, Citibank, Ruckus Wireless, PictureTel, A4Vision, WiNet and more with projects in 5 continents and lived in 8 countries.

Christopher Lee​

Business Development Director, Innovation Integration Center

MBA, Bond University, and BA, from University of Southern California. Hyper-focused, customer obsessed holding decades of business and network communications industry experiences with extensive knowledge in start-ups and livestock technologies.

Dov Moran

Managing Partner, Grove Ventures

Dov Moran, Managing Partner of Grove Ventures, is one of the most prominent Israeli hi-tech leaders in the world. He is an investor, inventor and entrepreneur, best known as the inventor of the USB flash drive (Moran founded M-Systems, acquired by SanDisk for $US 1.6 billion in 2006).

He also served as the chairman of Tower Semiconductors, a developer and manufacturer of semiconductors and integrated circuits, in which he led a massive overhaul. Under Moran’s guidance, the company achieved a notable turnaround and became an enormous success.

Moran was awarded with multiple prizes, including Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” award, the prestigious Edward Rheine award, the Johnson Information Storage Systems Award and the Netexplo Talent of the Year award.

He holds Honorary Doctorates from Israel’s Academic Center of Law & Science, the Moscow State Technical University and the Technion – the Israeli Institute of Technology. He lectures extensively in universities and schools, and serves as a mentor to many Israeli entrepreneurs – to which he assists in converting research and innovation into viable businesses. His book 100 Doors – An Introduction to Entrepreneurship was published in 2016 and included insights from his untraditional path.

Emma Yang


Emma has worked in TAITRA for more than 25 years. She loves to travel, learn new languages, and practice Chinese Calligraphy and Aikido martial art. She’s been working for half of her career abroad: Emma has been stationed in TAITRA’s Asuncion and Mumbai offices as director. In November 2018 she came to Israel and founded the Tel Aviv branch office.

Jonathan Levy​

Business Development, Secure Memory Solutions, Winbond Technology

Jonathan Levy is responsible for Business Development in Israel for the Secure Memory Solutions activities at Winbond since 2018, after several years of private management consulting. Prior to that, Jonathan managed the National Semiconductor, Israel-based, Advanced PC business center starting in 2001 and led its sale to Winbond in 2005. He continued to manage the Israeli design and business center until December 2011. Jonathan holds an MBA and a BSc in Electronic Engineering from from Tel-Aviv University.

Kees Joosse

Director Business Development EMEA

Kees Joosse joined TSMC in 2009 as Business Development manager within the Europe Middle East and Africa region, with responsibility for developing new markets and new business in existing markets. Kees began his career at Philips research, where he was working in the field of new system architectures for single chip radio receivers.

He joined Philips Semiconductors in 1990 where he was initially responsible for quality management in the division of ICs for Consumer Electronics. This was followed by an assignment as product line manager in the fields of Power Management, Audio and FM-radio. Kees graduated cum laude from Delft University of Technology, with a masters degree in electronics.

KY Huang

Vice President, Advanced Technology Center

KY Huang has been a chief officer of the “Advanced Technology Center (ATC)” inside Chicony since 2005. “ATC” of Chicony is a division working on new or strategy technology development for the entire group. Introducing new technology is the job of ATC. Chicony is a leading manufacturer of computer peripheral and video-image products. Innovation collaboration with different vendors is an important job for the business. KY plays an essential role in this area.
At the same time, KY was the chief of R&D for the different business units. How to combine technology and business strategy is also his job. KY was being taken through those business units to become a worldwide marketing leader. Those strategy is keeping a competitive advantage until today.

KY joined Chicony in 1998, progressing through an engineer manager, technical leader, chief of R&D, and chief of the business line for different business divisions. His job was a wide range, including all product lines inside Chicony, such as keyboards, mice, camera modules, and wireless products. His background is the Mathematics on computer science. Before he joined Chicony, he was a system software engineer with expertise in multiple operating systems and different programming languages, focusing on all new technology in the world.

Micha Risling​


High-caliber, innovative executive and strategist with 20+ years of proven track record in taking early-stage start-ups all the way to IPO while building, launching, and leading new organizations, geographies, products and teams in both start-ups and mature companies. Inspiring people to do the impossible with record of turning people into leaders. Unique career crosses industry boundaries to include Automotive, mobile, CE, communication with special focus on Semiconductor.

Dr. Steve Huang​

Special Assistant of Chairman & Senior VP

Steve Huang leads R&D centers in developing 5G, AI, AR/VR, electric vehicles, and cloud/edge computing technologies in 5C product lines, Computing, Consumer, Communication, Car, healthCare since 2016. He received a Ph.D. degree in Satellite and Communication Engineering and an M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California, USA, and a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University. He kicked off his career as Member of Technical Staff in ComSat Labs, Maryland, USA. As associate vice president of Asustek Computer in 1999, he has established Broadband BU, collaborating with top 10 multinational corporation in telecommunications industry. With a wealth of leadership experience, he has served as General Manager of BU6, Pegatron Corp. (spun off from Asustek) in 2008.

Tony Liu​

Investment Representative, Advantech Corporate Investment Division

Tony works for Advantech, a world leading international IoT and intelligent system company, and is in charge of M&A, joint venture investment, and corporate development between external IoT strategic partners and Advantech business units. The past working experience of Tony includes equity research analyst, product manager of Advantech intelligent system group, and Advantech corporate investment.

PEGATRON Corporation with abundant product design experience and vertically integrated manufacturing provides clients with research & development, innovative design, systematic production and manufacturing service in order to comprehensively and efficiently satisfy customers’ needs. Integrating EMS and ODM, PEGATRON offers a valuable service in DMS (Design and Manufacturing Service), specializing in a wide range of products, including computing devices, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, and communication devices.

Established in 1987 in Taiwan, TSMC pioneered the pure-play foundry business model with an exclusive focus on manufacturing customers’ products. TSMC’s foundry business model has enabled the rise of the global fabless industry, and since its inception, TSMC has been the world’s leading semiconductor foundry. TSMC-made semiconductors serve a global customer base that is large and diverse and includes a wide range of applications such as Mobile, High Performance Computing, IoT, Automotive and Consumer Electronics.
Chicony is an electronics manufacturer of a large lineup of products manufactured for global tech giants such as HP, GoPro, Google, Amazon, and Lenovo. Chicony’s business centers around the manufacture of computer peripheral products and video-image products. The four major product lines are input devices, portable keyboard modules, visual and image products as well as camera lens modules. Chicony’s revenues in 2021 amounted to $3.8B.
Wistron, a Fortune 500 company, is one of the world’s largest suppliers of information and communications products. Wistron, which originated from Acer, is a leading manufacturer of innovative ICT products like PCs, servers, storage solutions, and displays to top branded companies worldwide. Wistron focuses on key innovative technologies such as 5G, AI, Metaverse, EV&AV, and Industry 4.0. The company has over 80,000 employees globally and generated $29B in revenue in 2021.
Advantech is a global leader in the fields of IoT intelligent systems and embedded platforms. Advantech promotes IoT hardware and software solutions with a smart edge core to assist business partners and clients in connecting their industrial chains. Advantech is also working with business partners to co-create business ecosystems that accelerate the goal of industrial intelligence. The company has a global presence in 27 countries and generated over $2B in revenue in 2021.
LITEON Technology is a world-leading provider of Opto-semiconductor, power supply management, and key electronic products with global manufacturing facilities and annual revenue reaching $5.9 billion in 2021. LITEON produces products in the fields of cloud computing, automotive electronics, 5G, AIoT, and optoelectronics, and is constantly expanding and developing new businesses for smart life. LITEON employs over 38,000 employees globally and operates across many countries in Asia.

Grove Ventures is a leading early-stage VC fund with half-a-billion dollars under management. We partner early with exceptional Israeli entrepreneurs who believe that the Deep Future is now and are ready to build it.

The fund invests in leading startups developing hard-to-replicate solutions at the intersection of technology, science, and applicable market needs. Its investment thesis is based on the premise that Edge, Cloud and AI create a new set of investment opportunities in multiple sectors, including developer tools, data infrastructure, semiconductors, Industry 4.0, digital health, and cloud infrastructure, among others. Grove Ventures’ core principles are putting people first, close cooperation and value-creation. Grove’s team, built of experienced investors, veteran entrepreneurs, and company builders, provides startups with the needed support to become great companies.